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lime -food plot
New Jersey
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kingtrout 21-May-15
slayersixtytwo 26-May-15
njbuck 26-May-15
kingtrout 27-May-15
Jake23 29-May-15
r-man 08-Jun-15
From: kingtrout
need lime for food plot in morris county where and what kind should i get ???pellet-grandular??need about 1000lbs!thanks any tips welcome!also fertilzer!!

do you never answer your X hunting buddies phone calls? Its me Bob from Nutley

From: njbuck
what are you planting in your plot and how big is it? I am toying with putting a plot in my back yard, but have no idea what to plant.

I cant help you with here to get lime.

From: kingtrout
planting clove got pellet lime from home depot 400lbs now need fertilizer

From: Jake23
Make sure you buy pelletized lime and NOT pulverized. The pulverized will make you look like the Pilsbury Dough Boy. I'm speaking from experience!

From: r-man
talk to your local golf course superattendent, they can give you many choices for lime ,fert, and herbicides

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