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Book Cliffs where to start
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93Ranger 21-May-15
Ranger 23-Jun-15
YZF-88 02-Jul-15
Bushman 12-Jul-15
93Ranger 13-Jul-15
Bushman 15-Jul-15
From: 93Ranger
Finally after 9 years I have drawn an archery deer tag any advise from people who have hunted the area would be great

From: Ranger
Spend as much time scouting as possible to pick out some bucks you want to hunt. Spend your time glassing and be willing to get off the road a ways from all the traffic and road hunters. You won't see as many bucks that way but if you have the ones you want to hunt pick out it won't matter how many you see or not. It is not as good as it use to be but there still are some nice 160 bucks and a few bigger.

Spend a load of time down South Canyon. . Also Black Horse. Don't Shoot the first 20 inch Buck you see. Also the road that goes down by the towers. Railroad Canyon has some Huge Bucks. But tough to hunt/ Lota good Bucks all around PR Springs. Oak and Service Berry Brush.. My 50 year old son drew a Trophy Bull Tag Archery last year He ended up burning the tag. Seen some small bulls but no shooters.. We also seen 17 Bears. Every where . So Pack some Bear Spray or a Big Bore Handgun. These Bears R not afraid of humans at all. We had one come into camp 2 in the afternoon and Attacked R 3 D Mule Deer Target. I was in the Books in 1965. It will never be like that again> But don't give up on it. This heat will make the water a place to be. This will be the funest hunt you will ever go on. Ride the divide road the first 2 days until you get to Hay Canyon cut off Turn around go back.We seen over 30 Bucks on that road>> one monster 30++.Get some maps. Tom

From: YZF-88
I also have a Book Cliffs deer tag. +1 on the bears! I was over there last week for a day and found fresh bear sign on both trails I was on.

From: Bushman
Anyone know where I can buy some good topo maps for hunting in the Book Cliffs? So far the ones I've seen on line don't show the kind of road and terrain detail I need to plan a hunt. Any help would be much appreciated.

From: 93Ranger
the DNR on north temple has the maps you are looking for.

From: Bushman
Thank you, Justin. I'll take a look there in a few weeks on our next hunt.

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