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NorCal late July recommendations?
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IdyllwildArcher 25-May-15
willliamtell 27-May-15
I take a yearly family vacation to Mendo/Humbolt every year to visit a college buddy and we usually do some camping in Mendo and get some abs, then head to Humbolt to hang out at his place and do some ocean salmon fishing, but this year, I'm extending the one week trip to closer to two weeks.

We'll probably be in Mendo late July and head to Eureka the last couple days of July and stay there into August.

I'd like to do just a little bowhunting on the trip, maybe 2 days.

It's going to have to be late July, so that leaves me with A north and B4. My primary goal would be blacktail, but I'd have a pig tag in my pocket as well and would love to be able to hunt both, but deer is far more important.

I realize that at this time, that patterning and ambushing a deer is probably my best bet, but I really won't have this option and will need to either still hunt or get lucky in a blind/stand.

I've done some research on the BLM wilderness in B4 on the lost coast and am willing to hike in, but again, we're talking about a couple of days max. I see there was a burn so I considered spot and stalk there.

I've also considered Mendo state forest in A north, but I've been there and I'm not sure exactly how to hunt it. Still hunting on foot seems tough do due to the thickness, spot and stalk seems impossible, and I'd probably only have one afternoon to try and find a game path to drop a stand/blind on.

I don't need a honey hole, but if someone who's hunted either of these areas during this time frame can recommend one or the other, which hunting style would be best based on my limited time, which altitude to focus on, and what type of habitat, ie: ridge lines vs riparian to focus on, I'd appreciate it.

I've never hunted blacktails.

I'm not willing to pay for private land access unless it was nominal like a bottle of scotch.

Thanx guys,


From: willliamtell

Spent a number of days in that forest, and if there's a honey hole for hogs I haven't found it.

As far as blacktails that may be another thing. PM me and let's talk.

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