Bowhunters Be Heard – Archery Black Bear
New Jersey
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From: markbrit
Fellow Bowhunters, Many of you have dreamed about harvesting a New Jersey black bear with archery equipment. This is finally within reach but your voice needs to be heard to make this a reality. The comment period is now open and we want members and friends of the UBNJ to flood the DEP with comments in support of the regulation changes. Without your support, the antis will have another victory and we may not have this chance again for another generation. Please share this email with your family and friends!

You may supply your comments online or in writing. Online submissions take less than 60 seconds, so visit here to submit your comments and be heard.

Make sure to select DEP Dkt No. 04-15-04 – Game Code NJAC. Add your own comments or just copy and paste the sentence below:

I am a member or friend of the United Bowhunter’s of New Jersey and I full support the Game Code changes to allow archery as a safe and effective method of harvesting black bear in New Jersey.

Written comments may be submitted electronically by July 17, 2015 at; or

In hard copy to: Gary Brower ATTN: DEP Docket No._04-15-04 NJ Department of Environmental Protection Office of Legal Affairs Mail Code 401-04L; PO Box 402 401 East State Street, 7th Floor Trenton, NJ 08625-0402

You may view the entire proposal here.

Let’s be heard and make a difference. John Erndl President, United Bowhunters of New Jersey

Yes I sent a message in supporting early season bow hunts even though I live In Central Jersey and cannot hunt them here

From: Jack Harris
Mark already saw your post on NJ Hunter site - I don't know why this NJ part of bowsite lost it's luster, probably because of our local site... I rarely come here anymore, just the main site quite often...

From: H8UNH
Where's the local site? I'd Lyle to visit. This is the only one I know of

From: Elkman52
I heard from a friend that it's a done deal.A week of archery with a little fuzzy loader in the middle.My buddy used to sit on the F&G council.He gets the inside info.

From: RJR

From: Rut Nut
It seems you have been heard! I might have to cross the Delaware and join you boys this year! ;-)

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