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Andrew W. Manukas 09-Jun-15
HILTON 12-Jun-15
gadan 03-Sep-15
Ok guys I just moved here from IL. I am in the market for a new truck and can't decide if I need 4 WD. The guys are work are split 50/50. So what do you say, do I need 4WD? I'm thinking when it rains the red dirt has got to get awfully slippery.

If you are a dedicated hunter that wishes to get away from the crowd and pursue a true fair chase a 4WD is the only way to go. I always park as far as possible from the area I wish to hunt but at 55yo I am not as strong as I was at one time. I have a truck and a 4X4 ATV.

From: gadan
Welcome to GA. I moved down from PA 16 yrs ago and was glad to discover that there are decent sized deer down here. A little harder to find but they're here.

I'd say your need for a 4x4 will all depend on what you plan on doing with it and where you will take it. When I was building my house on a hill here, I didn't even need it and only once wish I had it.

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