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Looking for semi guided bear hunt 2016
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SBH 10-Jun-15
Mt. man 12-Jun-15
Machias 17-Jun-15
Mt. man 17-Jun-15
SBH 10-Jul-15
geneinidaho 10-Jul-15
SBH 11-Jul-15
Mt. man 13-Jul-15
From: SBH
Hi guys,

I'm interested in coming over to Idaho next year to try a semi guided bear hunt over bait. I've Never tried it over bait and would like to start with something close before I try going up to Canada. I've been told there are some guides who set the baits and have a stand hung but don't provide a camp or other amenities and I would prefer that but haven't been able to find it on the internet. This would be preferable to me but if it doesn't exist then fully guided would be my next best option. I Would appreciate any referrals or advice you guys may have. We don't get to hunt bears that way in MT as it's all spot and stalk. Thanks in advance.

From: Mt. man
Youren's out of Emmett,Id is about the only one in SW Idaho I can recommend. Don't let the TV show "Way out west" fool you. 90%+ of that show is staged for "reality" tv junk. One of their guides (Matt Gosse) is a friend and does real well with bears. They mainly do hound hunts, but if you talk to them I am sure they can set you up with what you are looking for. The area they hunt can produce some big bears and a lot of color phase bears.

Good Luck!

If you are closer to central Idaho then 2 guys from my church help guide for Heavens Gate Outfitters out of Riggins, Id. They do very well on bears too. I don't know much about them other than I see a lot of success photo's on his Facebook page!

From: Machias
Being from MT it's VERY doable to do it yourself. I just did the same thing and I'm in Virginia. Now I knew the areas I was baiting but being that close a couple of scouting trips and you'd have no problem running a bait yourself right on the MT/ID border.

From: Mt. man
Agree with Machias as well. ^^^^

From: SBH
Thanks guys. So aren't there rules on how often you have to check baits and how often do you have to re bait them? I am in Bozeman so it's still probably 3-4 hours min to get there. I'm open to it and had considered it....I have 4 small boys and a busy construction company so time is of great value right now. I just assumed it would be too much time away from my family and work to pull that off. Maybe I'm wrong.

From: geneinidaho

geneinidaho's Link
Maybe this will help, at least get you in the correct direction. Good luck!

From: SBH
Right on thanks. Maybe it is doable, one trip down to set the bait and hang the stand, then come back a week later and hunt it. If I do my research and find a good spot it seems feasible. The drive from Bozeman isn't too bad to a lot of areas in Idaho. Thanks guys, all the info appreciated.

From: Mt. man
Good Luck!

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