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New to SF,,,any recommendations?
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marco 13-Jun-15
Cola Blanca 15-Jun-15
John Horvers 30-Jun-15
willliamtell 16-Jul-15
Stumpkiller 16-Aug-15
From: marco

I just relocated from Boston and would like to know if there are any places close to SF.

Any advice is welcome!

Thank you!

From: Cola Blanca
Hi Marco,

Check out the "Redwood Bowmen Archery Club" Oakland, Ca. (do a search for their website)

They have a neat range that's open to the public.

From: John Horvers
30-Jun-15 San Francisco Archers. Been around a long time. Have a great range at Sharp Park in Pacifica. Also Kings Mountain Archery Range in the Santa Cruz mountains, a fantastic place in the redwoods. If you just want to stand in a line and shoot you can go to the archery range in Golden Gate Park. Welcome, John

From: willliamtell
Northwoods Bowmen in Marin/Novato and Sonoma County Bowmen are both good local resources. SoCo has use of a 3-D range at a ranch about 10 miles west of Petaluma, and there's another woods range up at Lake Sonoma another 45 minutes further north. Golden Gate Park is tun and free, but it does get crowded, so get there early and/or be prepared to wait.

From: Stumpkiller
My father helped build Sharp Park and was a former pres. of (what was then called) San Francisco Field Archers. It's a very nice setting as is Kings Mt.

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