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Trail cameras?
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idoutdoorsman 16-Jun-15
Mt. man 16-Jun-15
Machias 17-Jun-15
RIDGEMAN 01-Jul-15
idoutdoorsman 27-Jul-15
Hey everyone. I am thinking of using a trail camera for the first time this year. With all the options out there I was wondering what everyone has or hasn't had luck with. What did you like or dislike about certain makes/models. Thanks!

From: Mt. man
Have had a few over the years. I won't say the one's I hated, but for the past couple of years I've used only COVERT camera's. LOVE them. I have 2 out right now and they will snap photo's all summer long on 4 AA batteries. DC Covert cameras have been the best bang for the buck and I've had about 4 different brands over the years, but that's just me.

From: Machias
I really like the Moultrie 880s.

Try this website

They do a pretty good job on trail cam reviews.

I just ordered 2 Primos proof 02 cams based on their reviews. I almost went with the Browning Strikeforce HD, but I liked the Primos ability to put the python cable lock around the door so folks won't have access to my SD cards. That was the clincher for me. I found them both for about $100 online and they have very similar features and performance. I found the Primos here

and the Browning here

Thanks for the link RIDGEMAN it was very helpful.

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