2015-16 bowseason
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From: Beeze
Not much traffic on the forum but I'll give it a shot anyway: My brothers and I are down here in the bayou state are thinking about making a trip up there to Georgia to do about a 5 day bow hunt so here's the question: What would be the best WMA or county to hunt in with a good population? Keep in mind that we are not trophy hunters so does are just fine by us. Also we are looking for a place to stay preferably a cabin that will allow us to skin out a deer on the premises that is near the WMA. Any advice would be great.


try fort steward, near savannah..hog season all year. lots of deer. camping areas,cheap for a yearly pass. 280,000 acres.

From: Beeze
Thanks Turkeybuster, I'm gonna google it up!

Check out Clark Hill WMA. Nice lake, good fishing, and there's a lodge about a mile from WMA land near Holiday Park. A canoe or john boat would be a nice bring along for the fishing, and also hunting areas can be accessed directly from the lake.

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