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UNIT 44 Elk
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excaliber 24-Jun-15
geneinidaho 07-Jul-15
From: excaliber
I finally drew an Elk tag here after 10 years of trying.

I was lucky to get the early hunt in Unit 44 (Sept 25-Oct 10th) I think this is an any weapon hunt so I'm pretty sure I can use archery equipment. I have been in the unit across the highway but never been in 44 but plan to spend quite a bit of time in there scouting.

I was wondering if anyone has been in there since it burned? This might be a good hunt to have that Wolf tag handy.

Any ideas on where to start looking for some Bulls in this unit? I know this unit is likely not what it was pre Wolf as the harvest numbers are really down since the were introduced.


From: geneinidaho
Any time/place is a great time to have a wolf tag in your pocket. Get as high as you can in that unit, narrows it down a bit, not a big unit. Weather plays a very big part in that unit. At the slightest hint of inclement weather most ungulates head across the road. Good luck and let us know how you do.

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