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H8UNH 25-Jun-15
r-man 30-Jun-15
From: H8UNH
Anyone else go it? Fishing hasn't been very productive for me this year. Got a couple shark and tuna trips planned. But at the end of last season I had my bow re strung. First full draw the serving parted up top and down bottom. Everything went through my sight, and long story short they dealer took it in trade. I ended up with a '13 Hoyt Carbon Element that was left over new on the shelf. Broke it out today, after eating my last pack of venison for lunch. I'm ready to fill the freezer again! Who's with me!

From: r-man
Yea, I feel it. I also miss the striper fishing near Pt. Pleasant as well. I am already mentally preparing my hunting game, tactics and such. I know right where I want to be on opening morning. My shooting has been great and nothing to hunt but moles. I got two in june

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