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Bear Bait
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mnjen 30-Jun-15
shortstop 08-Jul-15
From: mnjen
Are there any cookie manufacturers in either Cedar Rapids or Iowa City that you know of? I am looking for some bear bait. I drive through there twice a month and would like to pick some up. For example cookie manufactures have waste like broken cookies. I know pig farmers can get it on the cheap. Heck I would buy some through a pig farmer too if I new one. Gummies, wafers, cookie dough, etc would work too. I have been searching the net but have not found any. I can buy it hear in Minnesota but it is really expensive. Those who sell it have an "in" somewhere. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks.

From: shortstop
Try locally owned convenience stores. I get donuts from them often, but the corporate owned ones generally won't let you have them.

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