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DIY 2016 Blacktail
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I was stationed at Travis Air Force Base from 2003 until 2005. I used to spend a lot of my time at the Knoxville Wildlife Area above Lake Berryessa spot and stalk hunting jack rabbits. I tried unsuccessfully for 2 years to arrow a black tail. We are heading back to see my wifes family in San Francisco in December and again in July of 2016. I miss hunting out there and will be looking to escape the madness of San Francisco while I am there. I remember Knoxville having a lot of quail, rabbits, deer, and even a few black bear. Has in changed much in 10 years. My plan is to chase jack rabbits in December and then in July renew my chase for that blacktail. Either way I am excited to be brining my bow back to California. I have a ton of good memories chasing game out there. Thanks for any input.

From: blacktail
Large fire nearby you may want to check this site and look at the Rocky fire

From: Rhody

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Fort Hunter Liggett. 150 miles south of SF. As a military person, you'll have access to some area that are not available to public hunting. It's been 25 years since... wow, maybe they have changed their rules.

I always saw nice bucks at the far end of the reservation when i hunted for turkeys back when....

If entry requirements are important to you, you have to be careful down by Fort Hunter Ligget because that's near the boundary where mule deer/black tails meet.

For purposes of state records, FHL deer aren't black tails. They're Pacific Hybrids. B&C doesn't recognize FHL deer as blacktails either. The southern boundary is Santa Cruz and Santa Clara counties.

I'm not sure for P&Y, but I'd guess they'd be inline with CBH/B&C.

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