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Utah Southwest Desert Antlerless Elk
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BobH92057 02-Jul-15
elmbow 05-Sep-15
From: BobH92057
Looks like my 13 year old son drew a SW Desert Antlerless Elk tag for this year. He's all jazzed up and can't wait. He helped his older brother on an Az cow hunt last year during October, knows the drill, but thinking the snow and temp might add a new dimension for him! We'll be making a scouting trip to the area next month to get the lay of the land, but sure the Nov/Dec conditions and access will be much different.

Looking forward to a great hunt with my youngest son and the upcoming season. Good luck to all!


From: elmbow
Don't expect much snow out there, although it will be nippy once the sun goes down. Cows are pretty easy to harvest. My son drew his this year. We have been drawing our cow elk tags every third year like clockwork for the last ten years..... Next year will be my third year, so should draw again. We also do spike tags and usually come home with one or two animals every year for the freezer. They live on grass and pine nuts, good eating elk of the SW desert unit.....good luck to your boy.

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