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Who is hunting NB bear this fall?
New Brunswick
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Bou'bound 05-Jul-15
Elauwit 13-Jul-15
steve 14-Jul-15
Bou'bound 18-Jul-15
Bou'bound 04-Aug-15
Bou'bound 10-Aug-15
Bou'bound 27-Sep-15
nbhiker 11-Mar-16
From: Bou'bound
Not much traffic over here these days, but maybe a new thread will change that. Who is hunting bear in the fall season this year. What are your plans.

From: Elauwit
With Taz starting 9/14 counting the days.

From: steve
He is a a great guy you will have a great. Time have been with him twice . Bou wait till this year we have Sunday hunting one more day for live hunts , say hi to nick .Steve

From: Bou'bound
will do steve, thanks

From: Bou'bound
it's only about a month off now. good luck to the guys going in the fall, but it seems there are not many going this year.

From: Bou'bound
anyone going with Dave at TSI?

From: Bou'bound
how about some photos?

From: nbhiker
TSI has an excellent reputation. Def go with Dave

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