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anyone out in the woods scouting
New Hampshire
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nhbowman 06-Jul-15
huntskifishcook 06-Aug-15
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Fredbear 29-Aug-15
nhbowman 31-Aug-15
huntskifishcook 02-Sep-15
From: nhbowman
anyone getting out there scouting yet? I went into a piece I scouted this winter looking for a trail to come in a back way to some stands I have marked.Ended up jumping up a few deer right away, looked over that area and found a nice funnel set up can't wait for the season.

Yup, just moved to southern NH and have scouted out a few places. I jumped a few deer but still haven't settled on where to hunt this upcoming season. It's a little different up here from where I moved from (VA).

I have been doing some scouting in the white mountains for the upcoming bear season. Found some really great heavily traveled paths that have produced some great trail cam photos of multiple bears and a moose. Deer are definitely staying away from this particular area. Tracks and scat end abruptly and bear sign begins.

From: Maverick940
Again I spent three weeks in the White Mountains, scouting as a photographer, hunter and film producer. I love my annual treks to central New Hampshire. I was just there in late July and saw several black bear -- one enormous older age-class male that I was able to stalk to within 40 yards -- turkeys without number, a few whitetail deer including one nice buck and one young buck, and one cow moose. I love that country down there. It reminds me a lot of my home state -- Alaska.

From: Fredbear

Fredbear's embedded Photo
Fredbear's embedded Photo
I've been out and have some decent pictures of bucks there seem to be a lot of deer in southern nh. Here is one of the bucks I got.

From: nhbowman
been checking my cameras and getting pics of does and small bucks going to check my camera in a pinch point this weekend should be good its loaded with tracks

I've got some good deer on cam in the southern part of the state. I was hunting bear last night in the white mountains. Had two bear in at my bait just a few hours after putting it out. They never gave me a good shot angle. Built a bit of a corral to force them broadside as they eat. Hopefully next week!

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