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45 antelope
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kzkammo 12-Jul-15
Nick Muche 17-Jul-15
kzkammo 19-Jul-15
Nick Muche 30-Jul-15
Sage Buffalo 06-Aug-15
From: kzkammo
Drew a 45 antelope tag this year. Wanted to see if anyone has hunted here and have any pictures of successful past hunts on the unit. Just itching to see what the unit is like. Thanks

From: Nick Muche

Nick Muche's MOBILE embedded Photo
Nick Muche's MOBILE embedded Photo

Here's one from 45. Still one of my favorite bow hunting memories. Spot and stalk and tons of fun.

Good luck!

From: kzkammo
I can't wait, I've seen a lot so far. How tall was that one nick?

From: Nick Muche
Only 13" or so. I really enjoy that hunt. Took me 20 days to finally bring it all together, though I blew a chance or two prior.

I believe your tag is for the southern portion of 45, after the first few days you'll have the area to yourself. There are a few water holes out there too if that's your thing.

From: Sage Buffalo
Let's be clear S&S in ID is not like elsewhere - that's a 16" in my book cause it's next to near impossible to do where we hunt.

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