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More deer?
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blugrass 18-Jul-15
Moben 22-Jul-15
kentuckbowhnter 21-Aug-15
Schmitty78 22-Aug-15
Deerguy 26-Nov-15
Michael76 07-Dec-17
From: blugrass
I've been looking at pics from my trail camera. Lots of doe and fawns and some real decent bucks. Anyone else see an improvement in deer population?

From: Moben
Just got back from our nightly deer ride and saw more bucks than I have in the last ten years. Most were 2 year olds but one was 150 or better. Scotland county.

our trail cam pics in northern part of state are showing more big bucks than ever, lots of 140 class and bigger deer this year.

From: Schmitty78
I'm in the same boat in the northern part of the state too. Seems like way more mature bucks showing up on camera than the last few years. Can't wait! Good luck all!

From: Deerguy
Fewer here in SWMO. IMHO.

From: Michael76
I'm in Bates County and saw more deer, more rubs and scrapes, and more bucks than I have in any other year. Also saw heavier ruting action. Killed my biggest buck to date two days before firearms opener.

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