Summit Treestands
6 Mile Run
New Jersey
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DB DownRange 20-Jul-15
ki-ke 22-Jul-15
hunterhutch 30-Nov-15
From: DB DownRange
I'm looking to hunt 6 mile run in October. Not really trying to hit anybody up for spots, but curious to what deer activities like, how crowded it is, or really anything else you can tell me.

Also was wondering if there's some other country maybe up north thats more rugged with less hunter.

From: ki-ke
Nice area. Used to be great. As crowded now as any other WMA. Should be more deer and better bucks, but the local farmers do incredible damage with the depredation permits. You will see other guys every time you are in there.

From: hunterhutch
It use to be a nice place to hunt I stopped hunting there about 5 years ago it got to be to crowded to many idiots hunting there

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