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Archery Areas in Florida?
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RockyDeerHunter 22-Jul-15
Swampbuck 23-Jul-15
itshot 24-Jul-15
redneck hunter 06-Aug-15
itshot 06-Aug-15
I just moved to NE Florida and was wondering if there were any Archery only areas? I have looked at the WMA maps and only found one in Camp Blanding. In GA we have a lot of them. Can anyone lend me some advice? Thanks.

From: Swampbuck
Every WMA is archery only during archery season, there's only a handful that have designated archery only areas. The one that I know of only lets you bow hunt till the end of muzzleloader season.

From: itshot

itshot's Link
swambuck X2

looks like there are very few at link, croom is another one but not listed, and Joe Budd is archery & muzz only, upper hilsborough archery/muzz only

click on the bear regs at link, seems they are being quite generous with archery only

good luck

croom only has muzzle,ang gg

From: itshot
redneck, true

but the motorcycle area is bow(& maybe x-bow)only

so that area is an 'Archery only' area

I've never hunted it but a few friends who ride out there see lots of deer, even some piebald

looks like muzz is muzz only, so you'd have to go during gun, small game or turkey

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