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From: bohunr

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I'm new to the area I'm an avid Archery hunter from Arizona Used to hunting 10 different kinds of big game trying to get in on some Whitetail deer and Sika deer hunting in this area I'm leasing a guys hunting cabin on the eastern shore in Stevensville with water access we have some does and fawns running around the place but looking for better places to hunt and explore. I M me and let me know if there is any local archery clubs,shoots etc. thanks. Pix is of my son and his Arizona Archery a Bull Elk

From: Tundra
Private land is hard to get on in this state. Suburb counties have the biggest deer if you can get permission. State lands out west Allegany & Garrett for deer are pretty dismal. Would not put much time there. Eastern shore is probably a better option. Tundra

From: Robhunts
The eastern shore has a lot of WMA or NRMA you can mddnr app that will list a lot of them plus give you a lot details and directions

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