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From: Standhntr
Going to be heading to ID for an archery elk hunt in early sept. Going to GMU 50 as of now. I am wondering if anyone has any advice on that area and if you have any knowledge of wolf impact? Tough to scout from 16 hours away so any help is appreciated.

From: shark
Look for lots of wolves and even more people. Last year I saw 11 different wolves and one week saw 8 different states license plates. Pretty frustrating

From: Standhntr
That's going to make things difficult. I might have to change up my strategy.

From: Standhntr
Thanks for the info.

That's the same tag as unit 49. Year before last unit 48 was on fire so I went into 49 blind with no scouting. It was a great area! Saw and or heard elk every day I hunted. There's a lot of backcountry in those units. I wouldn't worry about people pressure if you're willing to get off the beaten path. I also ran into a few more hunters than usual but that didn't bother the hunting. If youre friendly it can actually pay off to have some people around. PM me if you might be interested in unit 49 i'd be willing to throw you a bone.

From: J-clancy
Hey guys, I am a military vetran and I am looking to start hunting in idaho, I live in tne seattle area and its getting old. I grew up in eastern wa and all my old hunting buddies either no longer hunt or are now hunting ML, so if you are looking to add a hunting partner I would be up for it, I dont know anything about hunting idaho but it looks promising. Did you guys have any luck thks year?

From: shark
J-Clancy I have to update my wolf and out of stater count

4 wolves, one black female and 3 pups

in the peak of the rut 10 out of state license plates in one day.

it was a fun season but very frustrating with no shots

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