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north cache naomi wilderness area
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razor 28-Jul-15
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elmbow 05-Sep-15
From: razor
anyone familiar with the elk herd in the north cache area, looks like the Naomi wilderness is most of the public land there. I'm thinking of buying an elk tag for this area? Just wondering what to expect for elk in this part of the state?

From: Boly
If you don't have the tag from the draw you won't be able to buy one, it is limited entry only. The elk herd is OK but nothing spectacular. Those who I know that have hunted it work hard for what they get.

From: Ranger
I hunted North Cache off a landowner tag I won last year during the muzzleloader hunt. I hunted everyday but one. It was the hardest elk hunt in that across the highway on South Cache bulls screaming most everyday and guess what nothing on the North Cache- I tried calling some bulls over and it didn't work. I finally got into a small herd the last two days and missed a small 6X6.

I would say don't do it unless you have horses and know you are not going to see many if any elk. I talked with a rifle elk hunter on the last day of the season and he had not seen an elk the whole season on the North Cache. He was very upset and disappointed having hunted the whole unit.

So the simple answer is save your money to do a better hunt in a couple of years.

From: elmbow
Twenty years ago the North Cache was producing the biggest bulls in the state, and then it got popular, now it is a hard to draw and hard to hunt unit. Backpack or horses, day hunts aren't going to accomplish much. There are still plenty of good bulls in there, but you have to work for them. If people aren't seeing bulls they don't know what they are doing. I grew up in Cache Valley and used to backpack to the top of Bullen Hole before deer opener so I was ready at first light at 10,000' for all the hunters coming up High Creek and over from Tony Grove. I would usually take a nice buck every opening morning about 0900. Now I'm old........

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