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gobbler716 03-Aug-15
Curvebow05 07-Nov-15
Iceman 10-Dec-15
Rush 13-Dec-15
From: gobbler716
Have any of you attended any of our archery parks? What was you impression? Are they crowded? I assume the Oak Mountain park will be very busy, might have to go when it's raining.

From: Curvebow05
This is a little old but the range at Point Mallard is nice. Kept up for the most part. They desperately need to replace their targets this year but overall it is still a great place to shoot.

From: Iceman
Is the Oak mtn park the closest site to Tuscaloosa? I just bought my daughter her 1st bow and she is doing good with our single backyard target. I would like for her to see what the 3D side is all about, about 20 yrs ago it was a big thing, since then I have strayed away from archery but now she is wanting to shoot with me I'd love to get back in it. Any info would be appreciated.

Thanks, Ice

From: Rush
Iceman, keep an eye out for the Pre-Spring Arrow Fling 3-D shoot, which will happen at Tannehill State Park, likely in February. Very fun, light-hearted, and family-oriented. Terry Harris, who organizes the event, usually posts on leatherwall and on tradgang I believe to announce it.

There's also another shoot there the Howard Hill Classic, I believe in May or June. Bigger event but later in the year. The pre-spring is nice because not much is going on otherwise.

Your daughter would do well to go...


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