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Wasatch Mts. LE Muzzleloader Sept. 21
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Elkeater 06-Aug-15
TJW 06-Aug-15
Elkeater 19-Aug-15
From: Elkeater
After 10 years I drew a LE Muzzleloader Elk hunt. I have never been in the area, any suggestions where to hunt. I will backpack in to wherever the elk are. Any help will be appreciated. I know its big but where do you start?

From: TJW
I would suggest willow creek canyon above strawberry. huge drainage only a motor bike trail in the bottom. Great tag, bulls will be going nuts.

From: Elkeater
Thanks for the advice. I scouted the area this past weekend I was South, In the middle of the unit and then on the Northern border. It was hot but walked in to several areas and glassed and not one elk in sight. I hope things will be different when the season starts.

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