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Hunting ground for sale.
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shortstop 14-Aug-15
steve hay 08-Oct-15
Ollie 08-Oct-15
4nolz@work 09-Oct-15
Ollie 14-Oct-15
4nolz@work 15-Oct-15
Ollie 01-Dec-15
From: shortstop
60 acres, NE Iowa, deer and turkey. PM me if interested.

From: steve hay
Are nonresidents owning Iowa land still considered nonresidents when applying for landowner tags?

From: Ollie
Steve, the answer to your question is "yes." Non-resident landowners receive no preference in drawing tags over non-residents who don't own land.

From: 4nolz@work
I dont think thats quite right Ollie-nonresident landowners are virtually assured a tag every year because they are drawn first(after the initial draw)BUT its only an antlerless that has to be used on your property and its only valid for one of the two shotgun seasons.

otherwise the NR bow hunters would buy up the State like they did in Pike Co Illinois.(imo)

From: Ollie
I am assuming that most posters are wanting to get a buck tag. You are correct that non-resident landowners receive preference for purchasing a non-resident antlerless-only tag, which must be used on their own property during one of the two gun seasons.

From the DNR: "Owning land in Iowa does not confer residency. Persons who own land in Iowa but do not meet the criteria to purchase resident hunting licenses are not eligible for free resident landowner-tenant licenses or other resident deer licenses. Nonresident landowners will have first opportunity to purchase a nonresident Antlerless-only license."

From: 4nolz@work
100% correct-as a non-resident I COMPLETELY support Iowa's stance! I own a place in Iowa(born and bred and hopefully will die at "home") but I agree I want a buck tag and have no desire to drive 20 hours to shotgun a doe on my own place.I hope it never changes!

How's your post-EHD herd looking Ollie? Seems to be rebounding, hopefully some bruisers around this year!

From: Ollie
EHD was hit or miss in Iowa. Not as bad statewide as some suggest. It was pretty mild in my immediate area in southeast Iowa. Found a few dead deer in my creek bottoms in 2013 and 2014. Nothing this year. The Wensel brothers report the same observations in the areas that they hunt (southcentral and southeast).

This season I am seeing plenty of deer...lots of does, fawns and younger bucks (1.5, 2.5 years old). A few older bucks with smallish racks. Have only seen a couple of really nice bucks, but I know they are out there. Should have some really good hunting next season and the following as the 2.5 year old bucks get a little more age and growth on them.

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