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From: crockettman
I'm a first time bowhunter this season and just looking to get started off on the right foot. Have a spike/cow elk tag and went to strawberry opening weekend and saw nothing. Any suggestions on where to find some cows or spikes? I've heard that they'll be in the higher elevations due to the heat and dry weather lately. Any advice/help appreciated.

From: TJW
Strawberry has been pounded for cow elk the last 4 years. They have been pushed into deep holes or private. the road past soldier creek dam has some great glassing points, Get past the private towards French hollow or higher and find some glassing points and expect to waste a morning or night or two finding them. get where you can see a couple ridges and valleys and u will find them.

From: armed-hiker
Check your PM

From: HDE
Pretend you're trying to shoot a big bull and you will get into the cows and spikes. Most people pass up cows and spikes while trying to call in or shoot a big bull...

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