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South Carolina
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Bull-Tipper 19-Aug-15
r-man 19-Aug-15
Bull-Tipper 20-Aug-15
r-man 20-Aug-15
Bull-Tipper 07-Jun-17
LC Archer 06-Dec-17
RobinHood 18-Dec-17
Jip40 06-Apr-18
From: Bull-Tipper
Anyone heading out west this year for elk?

From: r-man
no , but why ?

From: Bull-Tipper
Just wondering, I would think that as many Bow Hunters that we have, that someone would be heading out somewhere exciting. Me.. heading to Montana again.

From: r-man
Not me . I don't have much desire to travel, rather stay home and hunt . or wanting o go to Kentucky, its closer. I think more people come here then leave to go else ware. Mostly the cananda boys, all winter they are here playing golf and drinking beer, in there shorts while its 30deg out, and there loving it .

From: Bull-Tipper
I would ask this question again but I think I would get the same amount of replies. So for me.. I'm heading back to Montana for 2017 Elk.

From: LC Archer
Bull Tipper how was your hunt? I hunted Colorado this year myself

From: RobinHood
Just to give another answer....No, I am not going out west this year. LOL

From: Jip40
This guy is planning to head out there in 2018

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