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Reading glasses
New Jersey
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Bucks N Bikes 20-Aug-15
KJC 20-Aug-15
r-man 20-Aug-15
Farmer 20-Aug-15
Bucks N Bikes 24-Aug-15
slayersixtytwo 30-Sep-15
At 50 Y.O. I started to need reading glasses, this condition is making the peep sight hole blurry. Any suggestions?

From: KJC
Verifier peep.

From: r-man
cross bow ? ahha got you thinking

From: Farmer
Shoot traditional

Thanks for input... Crossbow - Never, Traditional - Just started shooting one , not confident enough to bring in woods

I WENT to a larger peep and line it up with the outside of my sight ring. it seems to help as it is a basic line up no need to really focus

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