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Wharton state forest
New Jersey
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20x 22-Aug-15
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From: 20x
Hunting in Wharton state forest will be forever changed. The superintendent of this state forest Has taken it upon himself to imposes plan that will forever change the way Wharton will be used . This tract of PUBLIC land is the largest in New Jersey it has over 500 miles of sandy 2 tracks . Some of these date back pre revolutionary he has made 274 miles of them off limits to motor vehicles . All of this is being done with NO legislation. Please feel free to pm me for any info we need all the help we can get Thank you for your time

From: r-man
OMFG, WTF, He most likely owns property boardering it, and has plans to make some money , by being outfitter for hunting. there has to be a reason for such a crock of bull like that. investigate the ass in charge

From: r-man
Is there a map of what he is planning ? or a oppositional claim, anything anywhere where the people can voice against it. Need to know exacly what his plans are.

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