Carbon Express Arrows
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INbowdude 28-Aug-15
pav 29-Aug-15
KDC 29-Aug-15
sticksender 30-Aug-15
varmint101 06-Sep-15
sticksender 06-Sep-15
From: INbowdude
Sorry Greg if I jumped the gun but your ram hunt was awesome and the story was incredible. Congrats my friend. BTW the pictures are stunning.

From: pav

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Big congrats Greg! You are definitely living the dream my friend!

From: KDC
Great animals Greg! Awesome adventure and a hunt of a lifetime.

From: sticksender
Thanks guys! I was so very fortunate to have the opportunity to do this hunt. And then to connect on the two decent animals was a wonderful blessing indeed.

Best of luck to everyone on your hunts this fall.

From: varmint101
Those backstraps looked great!

From: sticksender
Matt they were great, had a very mild flavor. Wish I could've brought more of it back. But Canadian Mountain Air won't allow meat or game parts of any kind on their flights. The only way to bring meat home is to drive. And it's an 18 hour drive just to get down to the US border in NW Montana. Oh least we got to eat a variety of game meat every day, from all the 2014 hunter's.....elk, caribou, and moose ;-)

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