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VTer 29-Aug-15
greenmountain 30-Aug-15
Wood Walker 30-Aug-15
ronsoutdoors 30-Aug-15
VTslinger 02-Sep-15
bigbuck 06-Sep-15
beanie 06-Sep-15
VTer 25-Sep-15
skipmaster1 06-Oct-15
From: VTer
The apples look good this year, anybody checked out the acorns yet?

Hello Greg: I have seen a few but not like last year.

From: Wood Walker
apple trees are loaded. acorns look sparse, beechnuts should be falling any day now

From: ronsoutdoors
I am seeing more acorns that i thought i would . Expect that there wouldnt be many after last season

From: VTslinger
Finding enough to keep the deer interested for a bit. I just don't know if there's enough to really compete with the abundance of apples. The oaks I've found that are producing are not loaded and are already dropping.

From: bigbuck
found a lot of acorns ,more then last year,most of the ones that have dropped are wormy and the deer for some reason don't seem to eat those,not that I would either! seems like every apple tree is loaded the secret is to going to be find which one the deer like best!!

From: beanie
Get a bunch of acorns, spread them around and call it a food plot. Guess that's OK in Vermont

From: VTer
I have found a few trees with acorns, but most don't. Hopefully it will be two good spots to throw up a stand.

From: skipmaster1
White oaks on my place are loaded, apples are incredible too.

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