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350lb black bear
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The Beard 08-Sep-15
Matt 13-Sep-15
DL 01-Oct-15
hogthief 19-Jan-16
loudman70 22-May-16
From: The Beard
I am hunting a 350lb black bear that is coming out of the national forest and terrorizing a neighbor hood. It travels with a 200lb female with cub. I am new to bear hunting and i am trying to figure out how to safely harvest this 350lb bear. I do not carry a side piece. I am a good shot up to 40 yards. And a decent shot to 55yards. After that it is more luck. Do bears tend to run away or towards you after they are shot? I also wonder if I need to worry more about the female.

From: Matt
In my somewhat limited experience, bears usually run in whichever direction they are facing unless that direction is you. I would worry more about the female and cub (before and potentially after the shot) personally.

From: DL
Females of any species are unpredictable!

From: hogthief
I would be willing to bet your weight estimates are high. Anyway, if they are terrorizing the neighborhood get a depredation permit and take care of it. Although i am not familiar with california regulations.

From: loudman70

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