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Goat 12-Sep-15
PSEshooter 15-Nov-15
From: Goat
I live in SE Omaha looking for some private land to hunt turkey and deer. Anyone able to help out in SE Nebraska? Looking for a lease after January too. I strictly bow hunt and am sick of the idiots I've encountered on public land already. People playing music for hours and randomly wondering through hunting areas screaming on one respects anyone else.

From: PSEshooter
Lol. I wish I could find some private land to hunt too! I'm in the same boat. People just walking through the woods, not courteous at all to those who are hunting. I wish they would post signs during hunting season to keep out "bird watchers/adventurers". I thought even going to a WMA that bans centerfire rifles/handguns and certain shotgun loads would have been better. Not! Still there are asshats roaming through the woods acting like they are going to "stalk" deer (like what happened to me today). WTF. The people that get me are crossbow guys who walk around. Too lazy to pull back a bow but try compensating by walking spooking all the wildlife. I just find a lot of stupid people that come to these places, not being serious at all and ruining it for the people that are.

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