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How are the caribou hunters making out?
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Bear Track 16-Sep-15
APauls 18-Sep-15
Roose 22-Sep-15
MBMule 28-Sep-15
APauls 29-Sep-15
Bear Track 29-Sep-15
rattling_junkie 04-Oct-15
From: Bear Track
I haven't heard much on how they are making out this year.

From: APauls
From what I've heard not well. See a thread under the regular forums. It's called "Anyone going to Manitoba this year?" or something of that nature. Just click on the caribou icon and you'll find it.

I know when we came back through Thomspon there was 29 other caribou hunters through several outfits that had not seen a single caribou. I didn't do much better, but I did see 1 while hunting in Manitoba. While working in Nunavut I saw thousands, but 20 miles away in MB we were empty.

From: Roose
I almost went the second week of September, kinda glad I didn't spend the money this year!

From: MBMule
A friend of mine just got back from a 10 day hunt up north. I'm not entirely sure where exactly he was hunting, but 5 guys hunting hard for 10 days didn't see a single caribou.

From: APauls
Ya Russ, this was the year to skip for sure. Sounds like up until last week there were still no caribou around.

From: Bear Track
I was told that a little over a week ago, the caribou were 40 miles north of the border still.

The caribou were only 14 miles from camp, but stayed put.

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