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nhbowman 25-Sep-15
huntskifishcook 25-Sep-15
CompoundJo 28-Sep-15
nhbuck1 28-Sep-15
bigwoodsbucks22 29-Sep-15
nhbowman 11-Oct-15
nhbuck1 03-Nov-15
TradbowBob 10-Nov-15
From: nhbowman
Thursday morning got a nice little 5 point 118lbs. After not having any luck during the week I decided to set up closer to the bedding area and the first sit there had the 5 and a 3 point come in at 8:00 am shot the 5 at 15 yards. Good luck guys

Nice! I was thinking about doing the same. I've had deer hammering this apple tree on my cam all summer long. But I'm not seeing anything near this tree while hunting. There are a ton of acorns dropping in the area, so I think they could just be chowing acorns much closer to there bed now.

From: CompoundJo
Congrats NHbowman.

From: nhbuck1
there bedding close to the acorns i grunted a buck in other night and wacked him. find the bedding close to the oaks

Nice job! I just shot a nice spike last night. dressed 108 lbs. Caught him coming right out of a bedding area and heading for some white oaks. Chewing on all sorts of green growth along the swamp. Shot at 4:30 pm.

Been seeing a ton of deer so far... 6 deer in 4 sits.

From: nhbowman
congrats bigwoods on your spike

congrats on the freezer fillers, but this also illustrates every thing that is wrong with NH hunters as a whole..

far too many 1.5 buck killed..

From: nhbuck1
then go out and start making food plots we hunt for meat not racks

From: TradbowBob
The area I live in in NH has about 2.5 deer per square mile. Holding out for something I can't eat-horns- is just plain dumb.

Martin may need something like that to make himself feel good. Personally, I get all giggly when I shoot a doe.


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