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Calling elk in the rut
Contributors to this thread:
crockettman 27-Sep-15
Ranger 29-Sep-15
brewski 03-Nov-15
c3 03-Nov-15
deserthunter 10-Dec-15
From: crockettman
Hey so I'm hunting the extended archery unitah basn unit for elk... have family with land down there. This is my first hunting season. Does anyone know when the peak of the rut is? Also, what methods do you all use when calling? I know where the elk are I just want to call them closer to me because there is Indian land close by and I want to hopefully get one down before it can cross the Indian fence. Do you bugle much? or cow call? How often do you call? at what intervals? do you wait for them to respond? Anyway, lots of questions but I just don't really know any elk bowhunters personally so I have no one to ask. I went this weekend and was wathcing the wrong spot but was with probably 70 yds of a bull and some cows as they passed through. I cow called twice and the bull responded both times but I think he just kept going. Any help appreciated. Thanks!!

From: Ranger
Cow call I have always found much more effective than a bugle. Use bugle to locate a bull from longer distance but use the cow calls to heat them up. Don't over call them. I like to just about always cut the distance in half once I have a bull responding and do that again to let him know I'm interested. Watch the wind and know they will circle you to get your wind. Once you get one really going but not coming in closer I like to either rake a bush or do a few bugles but really only to cut him off to make him mad. It really is a game of feel knowing you aren't going to be able to call one in away from cows or from a long ways most of the time. It is like turkey hunting on steroids.

From: brewski
Primos Hyper hot cow call is all you need. Go crazy with it!

From: c3
The rut is over and I'd leave your calls at home. The main rut activity starts the first week of Sept and the second estrus for cows that didn't get bread the first go around is about the 15th of October. Bulls will bugle this time of year, especially at night, but I'll suggest that if you cow call or bugle you will have them running. They have been hunted for 3 straight months and are way wise to any sort of calling. Just my $0.02 on the matter of calling elk.

Cheers, Pete

My little experience both calls are important, but it all depends on how cold it is, what area your in, the wind direction, and many other variables, but typically I would agree with C3, that late in the yr the rut is long over leave your bugle home maybe bring a cow call for if you shoot to slow them down. That is even a long shot!

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