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First Fall Bird
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varmint101 06-Oct-15
sticksender 06-Oct-15
pav 07-Oct-15
KDC 07-Oct-15
varmint101 07-Oct-15
INbowdude 14-Oct-15
From: varmint101

varmint101's embedded Photo
varmint101's embedded Photo
Took my first fall bird this morning. A hen about 30 yards out with my Hoyt. They were working their way east on the field toward where I'd planted a small clover plot in spring. She was first in line and presented a shot. Aimed for wing butt and was successful. NAP Killzone did the rest.

From: sticksender
Nice, congrats! They can be tough to take in the fall season with archery gear.

From: pav
Congrats! Fall turkey hunting is a different game...especially with a bow.

From: KDC
Great job! Congratulations. That is quite an accomplishment.

From: varmint101
Thanks all! I had these patterned pretty well as long as they followed the pattern LOL. Had them like they before and they switched patterns overnight.

From: INbowdude
Excellent, congrats!

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