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From: Double_D
Spent last four days bow hunting in Vt. Saw a few deer but nothing close enough to launch an arrow. Something wrong, checked three check stations, Bethel, Teago, and Quechee, a total of six (6) deer checked in. PATHETIC. Traveling from Barnard to Hartland, almost twenty miles, saw no other hunters, vehicles parked on side of road etc. Very few hunting. I know some non residents that are staying home, one main reason is the regulation requiring hunters using tree stands or blinds to get land owner permission even if the land is not posted. The F and G and Fish and game board are biting the hand that feeds them. /Because of this particular regulation I will not be going back. Just another observation, heard up to six coyots howling just before dark in two different locations. I am sure they are having an impact. DD

From: VTer
So your saying you should be allowed to do whatever you choose on somebody elses land that they pay taxes on and keep open for people to hunt on? Just for the small fee of that person taking the time to knock on there door and asking permission? No wonder we have a lot of posted land.

From: Double_D
You mean "their door". knocking on their door, if you can find them. A lot of land is owned by people that do not live there. I have no problem with posted land, and will not trespass. My only point is that there are a good many people not bow hunting now because of this law. Knocking on doors is one thing if you live nearby, but traveling three hours and spending time to find owners can be costly and time consuming and because of this some hunters I know are simply staying home.

I am more concerned by the number of stands I find in the woods without the owner's name on them. If this rule was enforced there would be a lot of fines this year. For the record my name is plainly visible and the land owner knows where it is. I hope more hunters get to know the laws and the landowners. I bet there would be less posted land if landowners knew more responsible hunters.

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