Summit Treestands
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VTslinger 12-Oct-15
Paul 13-Oct-15
LiveOutdoors 13-Oct-15
VTslinger 14-Oct-15
From: VTslinger

VTslinger's embedded Photo
VTslinger's embedded Photo
Well I had only seen 1 deer until Saturday. Then 5 came in all at once and I took the closest doe. My two girls wanted veni steaks before I had even checked her in.

From: Paul
Well done

From: LiveOutdoors
Congrats man! Nice shot, bet she didnt go to far.

From: VTslinger
Thanks. It's been a tough year. I would sit for hours listening to acorns fall all around me with no deer coming in. So I switched it up and sat over apple trees and smelled the apples rotting because nothing was eating them. I guess it's a year where you just got your wait it out because there's just so much feed out there.

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