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Confused about Nebraska deer licenses
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xring 17-Oct-15
Active Shooter 19-Oct-15
xring 19-Oct-15
From: xring
I've been reading through the Nebraska hunting regulations and it's pretty confusing to me. I've hunted deer in Nebraska in the past, but it's been a long time since I've done it. I get the statewide archery permits, and it looks like they're $215 each for nonresidents and are either sex. Is there an archery antlerless license too? All I see is "season choice antlerless" which lets you hunt any season, and "river antlerless" (good for 2 does) which is in the river bottoms. But it looks like those antlerless licenses are only good on private lands. Is that correct? Don't they have archery-only antlerless tags for the $61 that the other licenses cost and that are valid on public lands?

Call 402-595-2144, these ladies will answer all your questions. Nebraska is pretty confusing. Tony

From: xring
Thanks Active Shooter. I guess if even a guy from Nebraska has a problem figuring it out maybe they need to re-do it and make it more clear. ;)

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