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12 LE Points....just want a fun hunt
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From: Kodiak

I've been applying together with a friend for 12 years (he has 11). I recently learned that it is almost unheard of that 2 NR's draw a group tag in any of the better units. As such, we've decided to start applying on our own.

My dream has always been to rifle hunt elk with horses and tents and fall colors and plenty of space to get away from the crowd. 100% fair chase, preferably on public land.

I don't need to kill the biggest bull on the mountain...but I do have an empty wall that I would love to hang a bull on:). Plus I'm looking very forward to eating my own elk....if that makes sense. Honestly, the experience is way more important than inches of antler to me. I always like to at least think lightning could strike on a monster, but the perfect hunt for me would be tagging a representative bull on the last day of my hunt.

I'm Almost 50 in pretty good shapefor a flatlander! (Wisconsin).

Most importantly, I'm finally in a position to take enough vacation time and can afford to go on the hunt I want....and may never be able to do it again!!!

Where can I go, with 12-14 LE points, in the next 2-3 years to have a classic tent based, rugged terrain, fun hunt for what will probably be the only elk hunt in my life?

From: HDE
Check out the Central Manti unit.

Thank you Very much. I'll do that. Any outfitter recommendations?

Most of my research has been in the Book Cliffs area.....but I just don't have the patience to wait for that.

Google Strawberry Bay Outfitters. They kill some very nice bulls on the Wasatch unit.

From: YZF-88
Good advice from Nolan there.

+2 on Strawberry Bay Outfitters

Good luck, Robb

From: madfish
If you put in and draw the central mountains manti hit me up. I've hunted the horse and foot area for years. Everything you're looking for up there.

hopefully he has hunted by now as this is a 2015 thread! haha

Good luck, Robb

From: madfish
Haha, you never know! Sometimes you think you're there but you're still a few years out.

True that!

Very nice offer ya made.

Good luck, Robb

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