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Anything moving????
New Hampshire
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Elk Dog 02-Nov-15
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From: Bob H in NH
Anyone actually seeing deer? We had a good lead up to the season, cameras showing good deer traffic, two different BIG bucks and a couple smaller ones, lots of does, heck even a bobcat (that was a first!).

Wife shot a button in early Oct 4th (her first deer EVER!)

Since then squat. I've seen 3, but they were all together, so one sighting.

Cameras have gone almost dead, and nothing during the day. Frustrating beyond belief!

All stands are on active acorns, general areas were showing sign (just not on cameras).

Hopefully it picks up, tired of watching squirrels!

From: NHbadboy
I was just out scouting a new place by milford and I jump 1 heck of a nice 8 pointer. Beautiful buck, and it looks like I'll be the only one hunting the spot. So yeah, super excited.

From: nhbuck1
got a decent 9 on my mock scrape sunday at 7 10 pm what products are you using? i used tinks power scrape that afternoon and he was there that night refreshened today might try the old fashion pee in the scrape soon.

From: NHbadboy
NHbuck1 I wasn't using anything. Just walking around looking at this new ground, trying to get a feel for the place. He was bedded down by a field and I didn't see him till he jumped up and started running. But he only ran like 40 yards, stopped and was looking at me. Then he just walked off. I haven't been back in there since. Figured I'd let it be for a week or so.

I had a nice 6 pointer, maybe an 8 come by me at 7:15am yesterday just slowly cruising. Few days prior I had a buck bump a doe past me in the same spot. Couldn't see how big it was.

Anyone else notice a HUGE lack of buck sign? I have been seeing bucks so I know they are in my spots but I have literally seen maybe 3 rubs and 3 scrapes total all year. I have put on a ton of scouting miles too. I don't get it.

Much of NH is it seems a deerless waste land, don't get me wrong there are deer but the herd has a very low in fact below carrying capacity in many also does not help that the herd is mismanaged horribly and far too many if it's brown it's down types, really cant blame them though when you rarely see a deer.. I moved here because of a job and have hunted deer all over the S.E and Midwest but have never seen an area that was almost devoid of deer..The bag limit should be 1 like in Maine and the doe harvest should be all but eliminated for two years min..

lifetime member QDMA...

From: Elk Dog
Heading to Bedford New Hampshire in a couple days to join a big group of guys for their annual trip to Pittsburgh. It will be the second trip for me & hopefully prior knowledge will pay off this time. I covered a lot of ground by their standards & saw more deer than anyone else but didn't manage to get a shot. Guess deer density is low & they rarely get a deer. Going to do my best to beat the odds.

From: Elk Dog
Good luck everyone, shoot straight, make memories, share photos & return safe. May the wind be in your face.......

was talking a to guy this week who has hunted NH his whole life he agrees with my thought that last winter was very hard on the herd and more deer were lost then the WRD is letting on or knows..

Idk guys. Depends on where you hunt. This state is VASTLY different from the north to the south. I have been hunting in southern NH (zone K). Just moved here and haven't done much scouting at all. I can honestly say I've seen deer "almost" every sit this year so far. And that's probably over 20 sits by now. It is crazy how many deer are around here. Have not seen much buck sign though. Which is weird because I have seen several bucks around (no monsters though).

From: Bob H in NH
At last report deer kill is down about 10%

I was lucky enough to tag one Saturday, while checking it in, the place I go doesn't charge a check in fee, but requests a donation for NH food bank. they typically get between $3200 - $3500 per year he said, they won't touch $3000 this year. He also commented that most of the bucks are small/medium, very few to none are 'monsters'.

From: lawdy
Deer kill in the Errol area is down 50%. Out of 2 check in stations, only 70 deer and that covers the Eastern part of Coos from Milan North. Not as many hunters as the fed land up here with all their regs is not popular along with a harassing fed warden. With their plan to own all of Coos county, we will lose not only our homes, but our livelihoods as well. The southerners can kiss atving and snowmobiling goodby as the years go by.

From: badjuju
I was seeing does prior to the gun season opening. had some muzzleloader hunters push some does my way on opening day. after that it was all quiet. well, except for the deer drives blasting up the woods. pretty much did not see anything in a pretty good area once gun season opened.

not getting on the gun hunters, I hunt gun some times too. just noticed that w/ the pressure and drives they all moved out of the area I was in. Seacoast WMU M.

From: Bob H in NH
depending what you mean by "drive" but large organized drives are actually illegal in NH I believe.

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