Are there any bowhunters in TN?
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From: Little Bear
My son is in college in TN. He can't find anyone that bowhunts down there. I'm not surprised since there are no threads on this forum.

Are there any bowhunters in TN near Nashville? I'd like for him to meet someone so he doesn't have to hunt alone.

From: mountainman
Bear- There are tons of bowhunters in TN. I don't hunt around Nashville. Tell him to hit an archery shop down there and work on making some connections. Also, there are lots of 3-D shoots in that area. That's another good place to meet folks.

Hi Little Bear,

Great shop in Franklin, TN (just south of Nashville about 20 miles, or so) The Archery Den. Go talk to Jeremy and Mike down there and they will hook your son up with good people... I'm just getting ramped up on Bowhunting myself and they have been a great resource.

My Best,


From: milnrick
He can also check Poindexter's in Gallatin, they've got a very wide selection of archery equipment and seemed to have a pretty good idea of where to go for hunting and who to talk with to link up with 3D Clubs.

From: Rush
Tell him to look up the Tennesse Classic. The club that hosts that has a several shoots just north of Nashville that are supposed to be quite good. Wish I could make it, but I'm on the opposite end of the state.

I live just outside of Nashville. Just moved here from Kansas. If he would like to meet up and shoot we could do that.

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