Carbon Express Arrows
Units 143, 144 145 Whitetail?
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Guythehunter 04-Nov-15
Mshawn 23-Oct-17
PECO 23-Oct-17
Huntfishman 23-Oct-17
Bigjay73 24-Oct-17
From: Guythehunter
Wanting to know if anyone has had any success in locating any whitetails in the SE corner of the state. Specifically Units 143, 144, 145. Not looking for your honey holes but good or bad any info is appreciated. Thanks

From: Mshawn
I could use some help with an archery whitetail doe tag in these units. I'm an Ethical Adult bowhunter any ideas?

From: PECO
what % of those units are public land, isn't is basically all private property?

From: Huntfishman
There is public land, Commanche National Grasslands. I have not seen whitetail in these units. I'd be interested if anyone seen any whitetails.

From: Bigjay73
Seems like you see more wt the more south you go. I saw mulies in the flat grasslands, wt seemed to hold to the juniper covered draws and canyons.

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