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Any sign of the Rut Starting anywheryet?
Rhode Island
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Red 05-Nov-15
VanInVTown 05-Nov-15
DeerDan 05-Nov-15
Red 18-Nov-15
From: Red
Any sign of the Rut Starting anywhere in RI yet? Scrapes? Rubs? I'm not seeing anything yet. Thanks.

From: VanInVTown
I've seen plenty of scrapes, rubs but I wouldn't focus so much on them now....over the course of the next week if you can be in the woods I would recommend it.

There is sporadic chasing going on now.

From: DeerDan
Been finding a lot of new rubs.

From: Red

Red's embedded Photo
Red's embedded Photo
Yup the rut is definitely in full effect….Got a 230-250 lbs buck yesterday morning that would have been a 12 pointer but part of his left rack was broken off. Pic posted in kill shots here.

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