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moose tags are being cut back
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sbschindler 06-Nov-15
rodb 08-Nov-15
stick slinger 12-Nov-15
From: sbschindler
I hear the moose tags for lodge operators are being cut back, drastically, is the moose population that bad off in North western Ontario or is there something else going on ????

From: rodb
Not only are they being cut back but they are not issuing cow or calf tags. They also are not issuing two archery tags for one gun tag any more, according to our outfitter.

The population of moose is way down in the southwestern part of Ontario.

The resident moose tags have been cut back a lot. Drastically shortened season on calves (no archery calf tags). 1c, and 2 did not see as bad license cuts as some areas. I think they left outfitter tags alone last year since most of them where already booked. Where bear hunting happens, a spring season should help with calf survival.

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