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test !!
New Brunswick
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From: Teeton

From: steve
It works but nobody is here ,

From: Reflex-bow
Hey Buddy! How are things looking for deer hunting this fall? The wife and kids are great, I haven't told them you are their father yet :))) We are at #10 now but only 1 girl. She looks just like her mother :) Deer herd here had a good winter last year after getting pounded the one before so we are just rebounding now. Lots of bears around but didn't hunt them this year. Working on some habitat stuff and trying to get winter wood done still. Will try and find your number and give you a call, I'm not much for writing, lol Tom

From: Teeton
Tom I sent you a P-M with my number.. Ed

From: Reflex-bow
Didn't get it can you resend or e-mail me at

From: Teeton

Teeton's embedded Photo
Teeton's embedded Photo
Will do. Here a pix of my elk, didn't get the big one. But he'll do.

From: Reflex-bow
Dang nice one buddy!! Congratulations!

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