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How many use Wilma interactive maps?
South Dakota
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From: grizzly
I find the public land maps an exciting scouting tool. You can really see a lot of detail. Its possible to pick out the tree you were sitting in when you shot that big one! or maybe save yourself a ton of walking by reviewing first. You can pick easier methods of reaching places by avoiding all the obstacles. I find myself trying to pick out a herd of elk in the black hills. So far no luck, but I bet someone has spotted one. I can easily find herds of cows. Yeah, a few of the maps are a little older and you can sometimes see what It looked like before and after the fires. I have the atlas on my phone and I can identify the land to make sure I'm on the right side of the fence if I have good signal. Look at the old army munitions depot by Igloo. What have you seen?

From: Skullwerx
Good tip! I haven't even seen them. Where can you find them?

From: Griz34
I have spent hours looking at those maps. I wish more states had a similar system for displaying their public lands, it would sure make planning an out of state elk hunt easier. To get there just go to the gfp website then click on the hunting tab and then interactive map system.

From: elk nailer
I'm from Michigan. The Wilma site was a big help in finding a good mule deer hunting area.

From: DR
I've included this information in several previous articles and they are a fantastic resource. Use them on the SDGFP site, highlight, download, print etc. You can do tons of scouting with this option and the public land overlays. Also use Google Earth and the maps to change the land perspective to show a side view or change angles to help figure out hidden areas and possibilities.

From: grizzly
check out 43.633-104.035 6o ft resolution on imagery. SE of Y intersection in middle of two track. Size indicates deer? I think I see a long neck shadow? Other black dots to SW of this one but do not appear to be cattle. Location is west of Custer along Wyoming line, south of Hwy 16 if that helps.

From: Brotsky
All cattle grizz. Look at the size in comparison to the road, that would be a HUGE deer. There relationship to the water tank and time of day also indicate cattle along with the black color.

From: grizzly
Oh man, maybe I need 30 ft resolution and better eyesight.

From: Brotsky
I think it would be pretty hard to pick up a deer on there. Elk maybe, but deer would be a stretch. You can pick up on their trails though! Good tool!

I will use the feature from time to time for scouting new antelope pieces. 1. looking for new water sources on the hunting piece, 2. travel to and from a blind, and 3 looking at the outlaying properties to see if there is any difference in what i want to hunt vs what is there to hunt. Great tool.

From: DR
I love WILMA. I also use and recommend onXmaps chips and downloads. Very helpful out of state.

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