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TNvet 03-Dec-15
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From: TNvet
First post.

So I am currently in the military and will be getting out this summer and would like to plant some food plots. I have a few different spots I can plant.

1. It is a swampy area with a bottom field that does not get hunted much. No areas around it really get hunted much at all. Saw 16 deer in the field before I deployed. The ground is semi-wet, not particularly good for row crops(beans or corn). Is there anything I can do here? I know there are some big bucks walking the bottom, People talk and have them on cam.

2. This is one of our row crop farms, do the usual corn/bean rotation.This year it will be in beans, I have picked out a few spots for food plots I would like to start for the deer to feed on during the winter. There are people who hunt round us and wil shoot a spike! My main goal is growing good deer and breeding good deer for my son to hunt. This far is about 300+ acres, I have 5 spots I would like to plant. Each spot about 1/8 an acre.

3. The rest of our 2000 acres are in crp. dont think I can do anything here.

I can upload overhead google images tmrw if need be.

Hey, I just moved here from Kansas. I saw that you posted this last winter. I'm in the military as well. Congrats and thank you for your service. How did your plots turn out? You should have been able to plant corn or beans in the wetter areas as long as they aren't too wet.

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